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Usdaw - President and Executive Council Elections 2021 - 2024

Date: 15 February 2021 The report of voting for the above elections is as follows:

Close of voting: 5pm on 12 February 2021


CONTEST: President



CONTEST: South Wales and Western Division

 South Wales and Western Division


CONTEST: Eastern Division

 Eastern Division


CONTEST: Midlands Division

 Midlands Division


CONTEST: North Eastern Division

  North Eastern Division

North Eastern Division


CONTEST: Scottish Division

Scottish Division 


CONTEST: Southern Division

 Southern Division


CONTEST: North West Division

North West Division
* As Jane Jones is elected as President the candidate elected to fill the third position is accordingly
the 4th placed candidate, Andy Firman.

North West Division

As Scrutineers appointed in accordance with Section 49 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (as amended), we are satisfied as to each of the matters specified in subsection 52(2) with regard to the election. The following points should be noted:

a) The person appointed under section 51A to carry out the storage and counting of voting papers was Civica
Election Services.
b) The person appointed under section 51A to carry out the distribution of voting papers was Civica
Election Services.
c) A copy of the register of voters (as at the relevant date) was examined in accordance with section 49(3). The examination took place at our own instance and did not reveal any matter that should be brought to the attention of the trade union.

We would draw your attention to sections 52(4), 52(5), and 52(6). Section 52(4) requires that a copy of this report be published and made available to all members of the union within a three month period from today. This does not, however, mean that every member has to be notified individually.



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