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Numeracy adds up for Usdaw members

Date: 15 April 2015 With Usdaw's help, thousands of members have improved their English skills in the workplace, but we're also encouraging members to improve their Maths skills too. To help do this we have gone into partnership with the ‘Numeracy Challenge’ an initiative to help members assess and improve their numeracy skills.
Through the Numeracy Challenge, we are challenging the perception that it is socially acceptable for
us to say that we are rubbish at maths. We are working with members to help them find their own pace and explore their potential.

The numeracy challenge describes ‘everyday maths’ as;

"The maths that helps people to make decisions in day-to-day adult life and work. Without a reasonable level of numeracy, people may not be able to manage their money through to pay-day, plan journeys or understand interest rates, medical information or promotional offers".

The National Numeracy Research shows that good maths skills are linked to:


  • Improvement in personal and social confidence
  • Improved mental health
  • Better wages 
  • Enhanced quality of life.

Across the UK, around 4 in 5 adults have a numeracy level below GCSE grade C. The Skills for Life Survey (2011) showed that people tend to be at least one level better at literacy than numeracy. It's estimated that 17 million adults in England are working at a level roughly equivalent to that expected of children at primary school. 

There is also a lack of awareness of the problem. Around 30% of the people who rated their skills as “very good” performed poorly. For more information visit  www.nationalnumeracy.org.uk

Currently around a third of all our ‘Functional Skills’ learners are improving their maths and uptake has increased year on year. We are keen to continue that success through the Numeracy Challenge

You too can take up the Challenge and Test your own maths skills.  

Click 'Get Started' at http://www.nnchallenge.org.uk/usdawol  

Access code: usdawol

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