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Write to your local newspapers and ask them to support the campaign

Local newspapers are always keen to hear the views of readers and the letters page is often one of the most read, so this provides us with a good opportunity to put a local angle on a national campaign.

Below is a template letter that you can use, with an opportunity to insert your story, which is crucial to getting your letter published. It is fairly quick and easy to do in these three steps.
  1. Draft your email, using the suggested text below, tailor it to your local circumstances and keep you story positive, we’re trying to promote the value and benefits of Union Learn.
  2. It is essential that you provide your name and address, the newspaper needs to know you are a real local person. They won’t publish your address and you can ask for your name to be withheld if you prefer. It is optional to provide a telephone number and/or email, it just helps the paper follow up your letter if they want write an article and contact you.
  3. Google your local newspapers to get the email addresses you need to send your letter to. You’d normally find it in the ‘contact us’ section. Most areas have more than one local paper and there’s no reason why you can’t send your letter to all of them.

Any queries please contact the Usdaw Media Office at: [email protected]

Draft template letter

Letter to the editor for publication

I am shocked that the Government is to close the Union Learning Fund next year. This unique scheme brings lifelong learning into many local workplaces and gets employers, education providers and trade unions all to contribute money and resources to give workers a second chance at learning.

Learning and re-skilling will be core to helping us recover from the impact of Covid-19. Union Learn reaches the people other schemes do not, with union reps like me supporting and guiding workers back into education.

I am an Usdaw rep at <company> in <workplace>, we have worked with the company and <education provider> to <insert positive story about Union Learn achievements in your workplace>.

I ask readers to sign the TUC petition at usd.aw/ulfpetition and I would like to hear what the views of local MPs. The cost of gaining new skills shouldn’t be out of reach for low paid key workers. Let’s stop the Government scrapping our learning fund.

<telephone number>
<email address>


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