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The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust

Grants for families financially affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Fashion & Textile Children's Trust (FTCT) gives financial grants to the children of parents and carers who work in the UK fashion and textile industry*. Their grants can help ease the financial strain of redundancy or reduced working hours, by covering the cost of essential items for children in the family. 

*'Fashion and textiles' covers staff working for a broad range of shops or businesses which sell, make or distribute clothing, fabrics or products made from fabric, including men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, bridalwear, footwear, soft furnishings and more. For more information on jobs which meet their criteria, please click here.

If your children are aged between 0-18 years and you are struggling financially to make ends meet, you might be able to apply for a grant from FTCT.

What the charity can fund:

These might be items you were planning to buy, but now can't due to lost wages, including: 
  • Essential clothing, e.g. seasonal clothing and school uniform and PE kit
  • Baby essentials, e.g. clothing or equipment
  • Children's bedroom furniture, e.g. beds, bedding, clothes storage furniture (chest of drawers)
  • Essential White Goods, e.g. replacing a broken appliance such as fridge/freezer, washing machine, cooker/oven
  • Specialist items for children with additional needs, e.g. sensory toys, adaptive clothing, SEN adapted computers, specialist equipment or mobility equipment
No two situations are the same and grants are tailored to suit individual family needs. 

“All a family wants to do is provide everything themselves. But recent events pushed us to a point where we simply had to ask for help.” FTCT grant recipient.

To find out more or make an enquiry, please visit the website www.ftct.org.uk 

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